product of type eo
Surface Reflectance Triple Median Absolute Deviation 25 metre, 100km tile, Australian Albers Equal Area projection (EPSG:3577)

Extending January 1986 to January 2011
26,870 datasets

Location (from sampling)

  • s3://dea-public-data/tmad-annual/ls5/x_9/y_-43/1988/01/01/ls5_tmad_nbart_9_-43_19880101.yaml
  • s3://dea-public-data/tmad-annual/ls5/x_9/y_-46/1995/01/01/ls5_tmad_nbart_9_-46_19950101.yaml
  • s3://dea-public-data/tmad-annual/ls5/x_9/y_-49/2003/01/01/ls5_tmad_nbart_9_-49_20030101.yaml


format GeoTIFF instrument TM label platform LANDSAT_5 product_type surface_reflectance_triple_mad

Searchable fields

creation_time datetime Time when dataset was created (processed)
lat double-range Latitude range
lon double-range Longitude range
time datetime-range Acquisition time


sdev float32 with units 1 and nodata NaN
edev float32 with units 1 and nodata NaN
bcdev float32 with units 1 and nodata NaN

Storage Parameters

crs EPSG:3577 dimension_order ['time', 'y', 'x'] driver GeoTIFF resolution x 25 y -25 tile_size x 100000.0 y 100000.0