Datasets Metadata Issues

78 products with summaries. None without.

Largest footprint size 🔗

Measured from binary storage. JSON/Metadata representation is much larger.
Product Avg. Footprint size
ga_ls7e_ard_3 433.5B
ga_ls8c_ard_3 385.6B
ga_ls_fc_3 385.2B
ga_ls_wo_3 385.0B
ga_ls9c_ard_3 384.5B
item_v2 320.1B
item_v2_conf 320.1B
ga_ls5t_ard_3 319.6B
ga_s2_wo_provisional_3 212.4B
ga_s2bm_ard_3 208.6B
ga_s2am_ard_3 207.9B
ga_s2_ba_provisional_3 206.9B
s1_gamma0_geotif_scene 197.7B
wofs_summary 160.9B
cemp_insar_alos_displacement 152.0B

Day query speed

Extremely slow queries usually indicate a misconfigured index for the product.