product of type eo
Landsat 7 Fractional Cover 25 metre, 100km tile, Australian Albers Equal Area projection (EPSG:3577)

Extending May 1999 to August 2019
1,336,516 datasets

Location (from sampling)

  • s3://dea-public-data/fractional-cover/fc/v2.2.1/ls7/x_-1/y_-12/1999/07/26/LS7_ETM_FC_3577_-1_-12_19990726011537.yaml
  • s3://dea-public-data/fractional-cover/fc/v2.2.1/ls7/x_-1/y_-12/2000/12/19/LS7_ETM_FC_3577_-1_-12_20001219011312.yaml
  • s3://dea-public-data/fractional-cover/fc/v2.2.1/ls7/x_-1/y_-13/2009/02/04/LS7_ETM_FC_3577_-1_-13_20090204010623.yaml


format GeoTIFF instrument ETM label platform LANDSAT_7 product_type fractional_cover

Searchable fields

creation_time datetime Time when dataset was created (processed)
lat double-range Latitude range
lon double-range Longitude range
time datetime-range Acquisition time


BS / bare int16 with units percent and nodata -1
PV / green_veg int16 with units percent and nodata -1
NPV / dead_veg int16 with units percent and nodata -1
UE / err int16 with units 1 and nodata -1

Storage Parameters

crs EPSG:3577 dimension_order ['time', 'y', 'x'] resolution x 25 y -25